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Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse is open to all boys and girls in the Pittsburgh area. We practice in Fox Chapel, PA. We are a non-profit, community based program run by volunteers who are interested in creating a fun and challenging developmental lacrosse progr

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Today, youth lacrosse is considered the fastest growing sport in the United States. The Pittsburgh Youth Lacrosse program began in Fox Chapel just a handful of years ago with less than 20 players. In Spring 2018 we had over 200 players in our PYLAX club.  While our rapid growth is extremely encouraging, it has become an increasing administrative task for our organization. We believe passionately in providing the best program for the kids in Western, PA. This is NOT possible without Parent Participation.  Help make PYLAX great!

PLEASE volunteer!

Below we provide a brief description of each volunteer position and corresponding responsibilities. In some instances, we are looking for one or two "Coordinator" and at least one "Support" person.  For the boys and girls program, most jobs have one person for 8U - 14U.


  • Boys / Girls Coaching Assistants - we will teach you how to coach the game. You will work as an assistant alongside a more experienced coach
  • Overall Volunteer Coordinator - ensures all volunteer activities are filled, identifying new volunteer opportunities, and that all parents are involved at some level
  • Boys / Girls Team Parent Manager - coordinates team activities, produces a schedule of parents to provide timing, scorekeeping and water for all home games and ensure people arrive promptly.  Ensures that there are Game Day Assistants at home games, is the conduit for communication with the team, and works with the coaching staff on communication and issues
  • Boys and Girls Game Day Assistant -  Individuals to provide water for each game, run the clock and keep the score.  We will require one Game Day Assistant for each team within each program (8U-14U for both Boys and Girls).
  • EMT Coordinator - schedules EMT's for all home games
  • Boys / Girls Tournament Coordinator – identifies tournament opportunities, works with coaches on scheduling, arranges enrollment of tournaments, organizes tournament team communication and coordination
  • Boys / Girls Game Schedule Coordinator - based on input from coaches, produces schedule for all teams, schedules referees and manages changes on an ongoing basis
  • Boys / Girls Uniform Coordinator - assist in purchasing uniforms and practice apparel, coordinate distribution and return of uniforms
  • Boys / Girls Uniform Volunteer Assistants - assist the uniform coordinator in managing the uniforms, including the distribution and year-end collection
  • Scholarship Coordinator - promote the program, raise money to grow the program, and administer the distribution of funds in coordination with the treasurer.
  • Web Site Coordinator - in coordination with coaches, keep the web site up to date with necessary information and provide enhancements for marketing and ease of use
  • Registration Coordinator - manage the registration process, and assist in implementing improvements to the process
  • Marketing Coordinator - advertise and promote the program, communicate internally to participating families and externally to potential participants. Will coordinate flyer distribution with support volunteers.
  • Marketing Volunteer Assistants – assist the Marketing Coordinator where needed to promote the program
  • Season Ending Banquet Coordinator - organize all facets of this event including location with team of support volunteers
  • Season Ending Banquet Volunteers – a large of amount of organization is required for the Year-End picnic to be a successful and fun event for the players and you will be asked by the coordinator to assist with tasks before the Year-End picnic and during the picnic event.
  • Equipment Recycling Coordinator – as players progress through the age groups some of their equipment is out-grown and we want to develop a process/program that will be able to gather any equipment that parents are willing to donate to the program for distribution to other players to use.
  • Legal Advisor we are looking for a parent who would be able to assist / advise us on potential legal issues.
  • Tax Preparer and Advisor we are looking for a parent who would be able to prepare our taxes beginning with 2018.


As you can see from the list above, there are a great deal of "behind the scenes" activities required to operate a successful program. We appreciate the enthusiasm and support that PYLAX has received to date, and look forward to your involvement with the upcoming Season.  When you register your child via our website, you will be asked to indicate the area of your desired Parent Participation. 

Please submit any questions or suggestions via the Feedback link on the Home Page